Scarless Breast Reduction
Female Breast Reduction by Liposuction

Liposuction reduces the breasts by removing excess fat. If there is enough elasticity in the skin, it will retract and produce a visible breast lift.

Advantages of breast reduction by liposuction over traditional methods
  • Less trauma to the breast
  • Faster recovery
  • Less visible scars
  • Fewer postoperative complications
The best candidates for breast reduction by liposuction have breasts that contain a large proportion of fat. If your breasts have more glandular tissue than fat, a mammoplasty may be more appropriate. The proportion of fat in the breast can be determined by a mammogram.

Candidates for liposuction
Types of women more likely to have more fat than glandular tissue in their breasts:
  • Women that do not have pendulous breasts (often signifies more glandular tissue than fat)
  • Women who are not thin (thin women tend to have more glandular tissue than fat)
  • Women that do not have excessively large breasts (liposuction normally provides a 30-50% reduction in size)
  • Women that do not have excessively dense breast tissue (often signifies more glandular tissue than fat)
  • Women after menopause (during menopause fat replaces glandular tissue)
Breast reduction by liposuction will produce a smaller version of the breasts that a woman had before liposuction. The breast's overall shape will be very similar to their shape before liposuction.

Liposuction removes fatty tissue from the breast, and mostly spares the glandular breast tissue that is responsible for milk production (breastfeeding is normally not affected). There is so little trauma to the breast tissue that mammograms usually appear normal after liposuction of the female breast. In contrast, after a mammoplasty, mammograms may show calcification and other changes in appearance.

After liposuction of the female breast, there is a gradual decrease in postoperative swelling over the subsequent 2-4 months. There may be temporary lumpiness for several weeks after surgery. This is not visible and is part of the healing processes.

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